Artist Profile.

From a very young age I was very interested in art but I mainly just drew pictures of people and animals with pencils pastels things like that, as I got older my intrest in art lapsed because I found that I wasn't to bad at some sports, later still I met this very talented artist whom I came to fall in love with and marry, he saw an artist in me and nurtured the artist within, soon after that I found that I could paint in an Aboriginal style of art work, ever since I have just ran with it. I just love the feeling of accomplishment that I get after I finish each painting it is wonderful.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

"Swan Lake".

This is a represantation of a body of water that I used to swim, go fishing and picnic at when I was A kid, with my family. Although this is not its name we gave it the name becauce it looked a lot like a lake, so beautiful and serene. Some of the best times of my life. XO